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The Legacy of Heart Mountain

"Witness: The Legacy of Heart Mountain" explores the legacy of incarcerating those of Japanese heritage at the Heart Mountain concentration camp during World War II. This new hour-long documentary was produced by 16 time Emmy Award and three time Edward R. Murrow Award winner David Ono, co-anchor for ABC7's Eyewitness News in Los Angeles, and Jeff MacIntyre, nine time Emmy Award winner and producer/owner of Content Media Group in Southern California.

At the heart of the film are striking photos taken between 1943-1945 from inside the Heart Mountain camp by George and Frank C. Hirahara. While incarcerated at Heart Mountain, George and his son Frank – both avid photographers – captured images of camp life and special family milestones, such as engagement celebrations, weddings, and family portraits. The Hiraharas were part of a 1,000 person contingent from the Yakima Valley in Washington, who were sent to the Portland Assembly Center and then to their final destination of Heart Mountain, Wyoming.

- reposted from Film: 'Witness: The Legacy of Heart Mountain" FaceBook page

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